Nearly all of X"abs, has a genetical disorder that makes them unable to make noises with their aspiratory system. The sickness forced them to develope a sign language. The healthy part of nation use this sign language, too.

History Edit

It is unknown when the disease began, but possibly it went epidemic three thousands years ago.

They have written with a hieroglyphic writing system. Tgen they have started to draw their hand movements approxinately three thousand years ago. It is considered that they got the disease in those times. In time, the hieroglyphic writing system evolved into a featural writing system. Nearly two thousands years ago, characters were standarised and are still used.

After first contact with Bats, language became a lingua franca between deaf people. Although Batquis Kingdom is the most powerful country, because of XSL's simplicity and Bat language's difficulty, XSL is learnt as the language of the kingdom. New signers adapted XSL to their lyfe style and formed dialects.

Dialects Edit

X"ab Dialects Edit

Northern X"ab Dialect Edit

That is the largest dialect. Written language is based on this dialect. Because of their isolated lifr style, northern X"ab dialect is the most protected dialect. Their signs are almost the same as ancient signs. All of the other dialects varieted from northern X"ab dialect.

Southern X"ab Dialect Edit

X"abs that live on the south coast of Ghune River signs differently. Diffetent climate, flora and fauna made them to produce new signs or to change their meanings.

Other Dialects Edit

As mentioned above, XSL spreat around the globe. Like southern X"abs new nations changed and produce signs for better communication. And in some regions XSL is influenced from local sign languages. Bat Sign Language is the closest dialect to X"ab dialects and the official sign language of Batquis Kingdom.