Batquis Kingdom (pronounced as /batkʷɪs kɪŋdəm/) (in Bat Batkwis Pshëghe or Баткуис Пщыгъэ /batkʷəjs pɕəʁɜ/) is the current country of Batquis planet. It's also said Batquis (Batkwis or Баткуис) and The Country (Xeku or Хэку /xɜkʷə/).

Batquis is a federal parliamentary monarchy. Its capital and the largest city is Batqale (Баткъалэ /batqalɜ/) which is founded to be capital.

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Etymology Edit

Batquis is used for centuries to describe Bat countries. This word has no meaning individually but when we look back it has an historical meaning.

During The X"ab Occupation, Bats has united under Chë'esh Dynasty. This country was called The Country Bats Live In It (Xeku Batxer Yës or Хэку Батхэр Ис /xɜkʷə batxɜr jəs/). In time Batxer Yës words are abbreviated by society.

Batxer Yës > Batxeris > Batxwis > Batkwis

After The First Migration, Ancient Bats split up into four major tribes: Mrat, Melhc'em, K'uarts'e and Psëxo. These times are called The First Seperation Era. Mrat tribe has conquered Melhc'em and K'uarts'e tribes. They became one nation. Their name changed from Mrat to Bat. New Mrat culture effected Psëxo tribe and assimilated them.

It is considered the word 'Mrat' comes from the sentence 'Mër rátë' (Мыр раты) (He/They gives/give it to them). The land of Mrat tribe was very appropriate for agriculture. So the other people said that these lands were a gift from Gods to them.

Mër rátë > Mërátë > Mrat > Brat > Bat